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We believe that there is a performer in everyone

Royal Academy of dancing syllabus for boys and girls. Classes run from Pre-Primary through to Majors. R.A.D syllabus celebrates the traditions of ballet and acknowledges its exciting new directions. It offers children rich, authentic experiences of ballet and music that will help them develop a love, knowledge and understanding of ballet through participation.

  • Pre-Primary  Age 5yrs
  • Primary  Age 6yrs and above
  • Grade 1  Age 7yrs and above
  • Grade 2  Age 8yrs and above
  • Grade 3  Age 9yrs and above
  • Grade 4  Age 10yrs and above
  • Grade 5  Age 11yrs and above
  • Grade 6  Age 12yrs and above
  • Inter Foundation  Age 9yrs and above
  • Point Work  Not Age Based. Based on Strength
  • Intermediate  Age 13yrs and above
  • Advanced  Age 15yrs and above

Students who have previously followed the Royal Academy syllabus have been successful in obtaining parts within productions such as Nutcracker (Northern Ballet) and the following pantomimes: Halifax, Wakefield and Dewsbury

Students have also used stills obtained throughout the program to further train fulltime at White Lodge, Rambert, Urdang, Stella Mann, Addict, Arden, Performers, Italia Conti, Capa, SLP, Sylvia Young & Laine.

Attendance on the following associate programs has also been made possible:

  • Hammond (Chester),
  • Northern Ballet (Leeds),
  • Louise Brown (York),
  • Royal Ballet (Leeds)
  • Phoenix Company (Leeds)