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Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) for Boys and Girls.

Classes are undertaken from Primary level through to Majors. Modern is a rhythmic dance style which orientated in America and is now seen on the stages of the musical productions throughout the world. Modern dance teaches students Strength Kicks, Turns and Flexibility and is a highly energetic dance style.

  • Primary  Age 5yrs and above
  • Grade 1  Age 6yrs and above
  • Grade 2  Age 7yrs and above
  • Grade 3  Age 8yrs and above
  • Grade 4  Age 9yrs and above
  • Grade 5  Age 10yrs and above
  • Grade 6  Age 11yrs and above
  • Inter Foundation  Age 12yrs and above
  • Intermediate  Age 13yrs and above
  • Advanced  Age 15yrs and above

Students who have previously followed the ISTD syllabus have been successful in obtaining parts within pantomime productions at Halifax, Wakefield and Dewsbury

Modern classes have enabled students to perform in the following:

  • Various Cabarets (events throughout Yorkshire)
  • Yorkshire Championships
  • Janet Cram

Sutton School students who have entered Janet Cram Modern competition have been successful in representing Yorkshire at the UK finals in London.

Students have continued fulltime attendance at:

  • Rambert (Twickenham)
  • Brian Rodgers Performers College (Surrey)
  • Laine College (Epson)
  • Italia Conti College (London)
  • Sylvia Young (London)
  • SLP College (Leeds)
  • Addict (Leicester)
  • Arden (Manchester)
  • CAPA (Wakefield)

Other successful Sutton School students include:

Attendance with the Associate Program – Phoenix Company (Leeds)