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We believe that there is a performer in everyone

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) for Boys and Girls.

Classes are undertaken from Pre-Primary level through to Majors. The origins of TAP come from Africa, Irish, Clog and American Dance. Students use their feet to strike the floor, beating out differing rhythms and creating a distinctive sound.  

  • Pre-Primary  Age 5yrs
  • Primary  Age 6yrs and above
  • Grade 1  Age 7yrs and above
  • Grade 2  Age 8yrs and above
  • Grade 3  Age 9yrs and above
  • Grade 4  Age 10yrs and above
  • Grade 5  Age 11yrs and above
  • Grade 6  Age 12yrs and above
  • Intermediate  Age 13yrs and above
  • Advanced  Age 14yrs and above

Unlike the other dance disciplines, Tap doesn’t enjoy the direct status with any fulltime college. However, students who have attended TAP have used their skills to aid their application to attend the following colleges:

  • Rambert (Twickenham)
  • Brian Rodgers Performers College (Surrey)
  • Laine College (Epson)
  • Italia Conti College (London)
  • Sylvia Young (London)
  • SLP College (Leeds)
  • Addict (Leicester)
  • Arden (Manchester)
  • CAPA (Wakefield)
  • Tap Attack (Swindon)

Other achievements of Sutton School students include:

Represented Yorkshire in the STAR tap awards (London)

Attended Yorkshire Championships