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Royal Academy of Dancing
Syllabus for Boys and Girls


Tap Dance



Modern Dance

Modern dance teaches students Strength Kicks, Turns and Flexibility



Indroducing students
to musicals old and new


Terms and Conditions

Term Period:   

Each term will commence on the 1st of each month. Fees per month are based on a charge for four weeks and are due within the first week of term and will be collected by standing order. Each student can be absent for two weeks each year together with the closure of the school at Christmas, with no variation in the monthly term bill.

No Refunds:     

For shows, rehearsals, cabaret work, auditions, Bank holidays, unforeseeable disruptions for lessons, family holidays taken in our School time (see above), illness (unless a Doctor’s note is provided).


Ballet, Tap, Modern, Singing and Drama exams are part of the curriculum for children attending classes at our school but under no circumstances does this mean children will automatically meet exam requirements. If assessments or exams are taken it is at the discretion of the Principal.


Strict uniform applies for each syllabus and must be worn, plus hair must be worn in appropriate style for each syllabus (e.g. Ballet must have hair in a bun)

If at any time your child wishes to discontinue lessons, please give notice in writing. Failing to notify the school in writing or returning to the school within a two month period will result in your child’s name remaining on the register and fees will be charged for the period of non attendance. Any questions arising and not provided for above will be determined by the principal, whose decision will be final and binding on all parties.

Please fill out our registration form and check the I agree to the terms and conditions before submitting.

If you have any questions prior to registration please contact us.